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ASML Learning & Knowledge Management Summit 2023

Book here your overnight stay for the Learning & Knowledge Management Summit 2023 at Van der Valk Eindhoven-Best.


Criteria: if you are a colleague living abroad and traveling to the Netherlands for this event, you can book a hotel room via the link below.

We can guarantee you a hotel room in Van der Valk Eindhoven-Best until April 30. From May 1st, the booking system will be open to all ASML-colleagues participating in the event and bookings can be made based on availability.

Room rate

We have negotiated a special room rate for this event. €150,- per night, excluding €19,50 breakfast charge, for the period June 18th until June 23rd. If you extend your stay beyond the period of the event, the standard hotel rate applies which can vary per day.


In case you have any questions, please contact the event organization via

Book now!

Book now!

Book now!