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Diner is on!

Hotel Eindhoven-Best will soon have three different restaurants:

  • The traditional Van der Valk restaurant with approximately 400 seats
  • The breakfast and lunch buffet and Live Cooking with approximately 500 seats
  • A Skybar with approximately 200 seats
  • Bonus: a Speakeasy pub on the first floor
What to expect?

What to expect?

The menu of our à la carte restaurant will feature all-time-favorites such as a bouncer and the well-known schnitzel as well as modern dishes.

Round shapes, warm colors, an open kitchen and an impressive hotel bar are the restaurant's eye-catchers. For materials, think walnut, marble and special tiles.

Our showpiece: The Skybar

Our showpiece: The Skybar

Over the top, exotic and extravagant. Yes, these are words that fit our Skybar. It will soon be possible to dine from a height of 52 meters.

We would like to create a concept where the feet are off the floor, there are delicious dishes on the menu and the cocktail glasses are generously filled.

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