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It's all about the details

Alice van der Valk is taking care of the complete furnishing of Hotel Eindhoven-Best. She does not do this alone but with the help of her daughter Daimy van der Valk and Lars Binda, among others, who will soon run Hotel Eindhoven-Best. Recent projects Alice has to her name include Ivy Boutique Wellness, De Valk Versmarkt and Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn. Alice gets inspiration from her surroundings, traveling and perusing interior design magazines. You go, Alice!

We can already reveal that elements from the seventies and eighties will be implemented in the interior of Hotel Eindhoven-Best. Think of a touch of gold, vintage materials, special marble and walnut wood elements.

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A sneak peek

How is it now?

How is it now?

With great pleasure we work together with interior designer Nijboer. Alice's ideas, materials, colors and atmosphere are converted by a team from Nijboer into mood impressions, technical drawings and finally the final product.

For example, the men from Nijboer are currently busy carpentry all the cabinets and desks in the hotel rooms. Designs have also already been made for the hotel bar and various suites.

The carpet is produced according to a special process in America by the company EMRA from Best. The tiles for the bathrooms, among others, have been sourced from Masterstone BV.

Impression of Hotel Eindhoven-Best!